4-Columns Hydraulic Presses


Deep drawing, punching and stamping - with utmost flexibility and accuracy
Pressure force

  KVP 50KVP 80KVP 100KVP 150KVP 220KVP 300
Working Area
Pressure force55 t88 t110 t165 t242 t330 t
Piston travel17.72 in
Stroke speed0.25 in/s0.24 in/s0.24 in/s0.15 in/s0.15 in/s0.11 in/s
Return speed1.65 in/s1.42 in/s1.89 in/s1.22 in/s1.18 in/s0.71 in/s
Guideway diameters2 in3 in4 in5 in5 in6 in
Ram-plate size30x24 in35x33 in41x37 in41x37 in47x37 in51x39 in
Column distance30x16 in35x24 in41x26 in41x23 in47x23 in51x22 in
Workpiece height (max.)24 in24 in26 in28 in30 in31 in
Working height30 in35 in35 in35 in35 in35 in
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed1 in/s
Drive Capacity
Motor rating5 Hp7 Hp10 Hp15 Hp20 Hp30 Hp
Measures and Weights
Height110 in113 in115 in120 in123 in128 in
Weight7,040 lbs8,250 lbs9,460 lbs11,220 lbs14,432 lbs15,730 lbs

  • Dual-action cylinder and maintenance-free guides: Quality and Reliability - Made in Europe
  • Two T-slots in the table and two T-slots in the ram plate accommodate large workpieces and tools
  • Adjustable pressure control for application-specific power metering, with an easy to read Display
  • Idle run and work speed plus manual or semi-automatic operation can be preselected at the control Panel
  • Light barriers, safety foot switch plus side and rear safety guards ensure operator safety and uninterrupted production
  • Modern machine design with interesting options, like CNC control or requirement-specific geometry Adaptation
  • The ram plate is guided by 4 columns, allowing optimum load distribution across the entire setup area, ensuring minimal up-bending

  • foot pedal
  • ram plate
  • work surface
  • light barrier
  • operator manual