2-axis CNC Lathes

LabTurn 2028

CNC turning with maximum precision and minimum space requirement
  • Speed range 100 - 3,000 rpm
  • Spindle mount MT 3
  • Number of tool stations 4 positions
  • Motor rating main drive 1.3 Hp
  • Weight 792 lbs
Part No. 181625

Working Area
Workpiece length (max.)11 in
Turning diameter over bed8 in
Turning-Ø over support4 in
Travel X-axis3.4 in
Travel Z-axis6 in
Speed range100 - 3,000 rpm
Spindle mountMT 3
Spindle bore1 in
Lathe chuck diameter4 in
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed X-axis78.74 in/min
Rapid feed Z-axis78.74 in/min
Feed speed X-axis39.37 in/min
Feed speed Z-axis39.37 in/min
Max. torque feed motor X-axis1.62 ft.lb.
Max. torque feed motor Z-axis1.62 ft.lb.
Tool Head
Number of tool stations4 positions
Tool shank dimensions0.3x0.3 in
Boring bar mount diameter0.5 in
Positioning accuracy X-axis0.00087 in
Positioning accuracy Z-axis0.00087 in
Repeatability X-axis0.00039 in
Repeatability Z-axis0.00039 in
Tailstock quill diameter1 in
Tailstock quill stroke1 in
Tailstock taperMT 2
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive1.3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)56x36x73 in
Weight792 lbs
Part No. 181625

  • The LabTurn is an ideal lathe for CNC training and small batch production of high precision workpieces
  • Rigid cast-iron inclined bed design ensures good stability and efficient chip removal
  • Precision linear guides ensure high stability and accuracy
  • Central lubrication for reduced maintenance
  • Enclosed workspace protects and a large sliding door provides easy access
  • Production control technology with superior reliability
  • 8-station tool turret with 4 tools per station for inside and outside turning
  • Hydraulic 100 mm 3-jaw chuck and rigid tailstock are included in standard equipment

User-friendly solution for turning applications with a small footprint

Precision and Productivity

  • Calculations are performed with 80-Bit NanoFP accuracy without any internal rounding errors
  • The 808 series features powerful computing capacity and advanced technology cycles for superior performance
  • Fast and smart control functions ensure maximum precision and accuracy for superior surfaces, and at the same time they reduce wear and tear of mechanical machine parts
  • Self-explanatory use and powerful CNC functions ensure highest workpiece precision and short machining times
  • „Program Guide Basic“ for easy programming via cycle masks with graphic support, plus convenient contour calculator
  • Allows re-using of part programs from other controls that support ISO code
  • The menu structure of the completely updated Sinumerik Operate Basic has been closely adapted to the larger Sinumerik Operate system's menu
  • The interface at the front panel provides a connector for USB memory sticks for easy transfer of parts programs and tool data during everyday operation
  • The user interface allows online change between languages
  • This series features ergonomically designed rotary override switches
  • The keyboard features chicklet key caps for optimum tactility

  • siemens 808D Advance control
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • 8-station turret
  • mobile base
  • tailstock
  • 3-jaw chuck (4" diam.)
  • central lubrication
  • work lamp
  • operating tools
  • operating manual and programming instructions