CNC Wire Cut EDMs


High precision and quality plus excellent price/performance ratio
Z-axis travel

  NeoSpark 500
Working Area
Table dimensions36x24 in
workpiece, length x width x thickness (max.)51x31x20 in
Work piece weight (max.)2,640 lbs
Travel X / Y-axis26 / 20 in
Travel U / V-axis1.42 in
Z-axis travel18 in
Cutting angle (with guide)± 6° / 2 in.
Cutting capacity (max.)0.28 in²/min
Mean current10
CNC control
Display size / type15" / LED
Controlled axis4
Input increment (min.)0.00004 in
Dielectric system
Dielectric, tank capacity32 gal
Rapid feed X / Y axis39 in/min
Positioning accuracy X / Y axis0.0005 / 0.0004 in
Positioning accuracy U/V axis0.0004 in
Repeatability X / Y axis0,0003/0,0002 in
Repeatability U / V axis0.0002 in
Best surface roughness0.8 - 1 µm Ra
Drive Capacity
Motor rating X / Y axis0.3 Hp
Motor rating U / V axis0.03 Hp
Motor rating Z-axis0.08 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)97x80x102 in
Weight6,600 lbs

  • The NeoSpark CNC Electric Discharge Machine delivers excellent cutting performance and operating cost is extremely low
  • The cast-iron machine frame features a modern C-frame with T-base, multiple reinforcing ribs, precision-machined surfaces and thermal stress-relief
  • Rigid linear guides and precision preloaded ballscrews on all axes ensure permanent mechanical precision
  • The IPC-based control system with servo drives is fine-tuned to the manufacturing process requirements and it is user-oriented and reliable
  • 2-step filtration system in the dielectric tank ensures uninterrupted operation and high machining quality

High-Speed Wire EDM – Cutting Technology for 3D Metal Printing

  • Compared to mechanical divisions, there is virtually no pressure on the component
  • Delicate structures can be machined without the risk of deformation or microcracking in the cut surface
  • Perfect balance between cutting accuracy and high cutting speed
  • Significantly more cost-efficient than conventional wire EDM
  • Long wire life ensures high productivity and minimal downtimes

Check out our reference report NeoSpark 500

  • erosion wire 0.007"
  • dielectric 22 lb
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • device for maintaining constant wire tension
  • wire setup assistance
  • generator
  • USB port
  • ethernet
  • standard wire guides
  • dielectric tank with pump
  • work lamp
  • leveling plates and jacks
  • central lubrication
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions