Live tooling CNC Lathes

Orion 8TLM

Premium Production Turning Center with large center width
  • Turning-Ø over bed (max.) 19 in
  • Turning length (max.) 15 in
  • Spindle speed 4,500 rpm
Part No. 422242
Demo Machine

Working Area
Turning-Ø over bed (max.)19 in
Turning-Ø over support11 in
Turning diameter (max.)7 in
Turning length (max.)15 in
Travel X-axis6.5 in
Travel Z-axis15 in
Angle of slant bed45 deg
Bar capacity (incl. chuck)2 in
Spindle speed4,500 rpm
Spindle mountA2-6
Spindle bore2 in
Spindle torque (max.)66
Spindle drive methodBelt
Lathe chuck diameter8 in
Angular resolution, C- axis360 (0,001) deg
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed X-axis1,181.1 in/min
Rapid feed Z-axis1,181.1 in/min
Feed force X-axis (cont./max.)5 / 18 kN
Feed force Z-axis (cont./max.)5 / 18 kN
Tool Head
Tool change typeServo / VDI 30
Number of tool stations12 positions
Shank size1x1 in
Boring bar mount diameter1.3 in
Turret indexing time0.2 sec
Speed, driven tools5,000 rpm
Repeatabilities± 0.00012 in
Positioning accuracies± 0.0002 in
Tailstock quill diameter3 in
Tailstock quill stroke3 in
Tailstock taperMT 4
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive10.1 Hp
Main drive, continuous load7.38 Hp
Motor rating, driven tools4 Hp
Motor rating X- / Z-axis1,6 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)89x66x62 in
Weight7,150 lbs
Part No. 422242

  • A modern CNC Lathe must be productive, reliable, and cost-effective. The Orion T series combines all of these characteristics in every model
  • The servo turret provides precision and efficiency at the workpiece, complemented by advanced drive technology with rapid feeds up to 36 m/min
  • Fast: Linear guides for reliable precision
  • Productive: Tool Turret with 10/12 tools
  • Reliable: Fanuc control technology
  • Expandable: many options available

Machine bed

  • The heavily ribbed 45° inclined bed frame features premium linear guides for superior thermal and structural stability
  • This design is very spacious, featuring a large work space for tools and improved chip removal
  • A wide support saddle with maximum guide length will result in significantly more stability and much less vibration
  • The preloaded ball screws connect to powerful drives via a zero-loss transmission clutch, and extensive bilateral bearings ensure high axial and radial rigidity

Main spindle and headstock

  • Excellent rigidity and minimum influence of fluctuating operating temperatures are possible due to an innovative and massive spindle head design
  • Thermal stability is achieved by strictly symmetrical builds and cooling structures that ensure consistent cooling air circulation around the entire spindle
  • The main spindle is designed for demanding loads and lasting accuracy


  • The rigid tailstock for shaft machining provides additional flexibility in production operations
  • The design with 2 additional box ways ensures collision-free tailstock movements. Extra long guideways, superior rigidity and precision of guides result in excellent vibration damping even during heavy machining operations
  • Automatic tailstock is available as an option.


  • Perfectly organized layout and well-designed details ensure maximum operator comfort and a comfortable work environment
  • Every machine can be customized to fit the respective requirements with options like soft jaws for the lathe chuck, tool measuring systems (fixed & removable), parts catcher, high-pressure coolant supply, oil separator, and filter
  • STAHLWERK machines can be retrofitted at any time with useful accessories to meet increasing power and productivity requirements
  • Quick EWS turret with high-torque servo-motor and bidirectional tool selection ensures shorter tool-changing times
  • Solid structure and powerful clamping virtually eliminate vibrations completely resulting in a significantly longer tool life.
  • The powerful main drive for milling, drilling and thread cutting tools provides a maximum capacity of 3 kW and speeds up to 5000 rpm
  • High C axis resolution allows precise contour milling and exact positioning
  • Additional center widths are available for even more capacity

Fanuc 0i TD control

  • Easy programming and operation, short learning curve
  • User-friendly graphics display for visual verification of parts programs
  • Use of existing programs without reprogramming requirements
  • High-speed machining and standard nano-interpolation
  • Fixed cycles and custom macro B for simplified parts programming
  • State-of-the-Art functionality, like jerk limitation, nano smoothing, and Al Contour Control ll - compatibile with previous version series 0 and series 0i models A, B and C

High Performance for Excellent Productivity

  • Contour programming
  • Easy creation of complex contours
  • Advanced fixed cycles, graphical support
  • G & M Code help
  • ISO CODE Programming Assistant
  • DIN / ISO Programming
  • Graphic simulation for reliable control of NC programs
  • High compatibility with existing Fanuc CNC programs

A wealth of world-class functions in the Basis CNC ensures maximum productivity

  • Port for storage card, processing of storage card in DNC operation
  • NANO Interpolation
  • High-Performance digital Servo System on all axes
  • Optional free M Codes
  • Optional relay outputs
  • 512 KB storage for parts programs / Package B
  • RS232 port
  • Multiple languages
  • User-friendly graphic display for visual review of parts program
  • Advanced help function and alarm/operating archive
  • 64 tool compensation pairs
  • Tool life-cycle management: The tools can be subdivided in groups. The life times and tool numbers for each group that are stored in the NC control can be shown in an easy to read table format.
  • Consistent cutting speed
  • Process time and parts counter

  • fanuc 0i TD control
  • Fanuc warranty 2 years
  • 10.4“ LCD color monitor
  • USB interface
  • RS232 interface
  • 12-station tool holder
  • driven tool holder radial
  • driven tool holder axial
  • manual tailstock
  • live center
  • hydraulic 3-jaw chuck with soft jaws
  • set of soft jaws
  • foot switch for 3-jaw chuck
  • hydraulic unit
  • coolant system
  • air and coolant spray wand
  • central lubrication
  • LED work lamp
  • 3-color signal lamp (LED)
  • door lock
  • machine feet
  • operating tools
  • Automatic door
  • chain-type chip conveyor (lateral)
  • chip cart 230 l (tiltable)
  • Cooland pump upgrade to 2.4 HP
  • Set of soft jaws for 8" chuck
  • Rod loader interface
  • draw bar
  • Transformer for matching power supply
  • Tool measuring system Renishaw HPRA (removable)