Plasma-Jet Compact

Plasma-Jet increases process-efficiency

Plasma-Jet Compact

Wahlers Forsttechnik is one of Germany’s leading suppliers of forestry machinery. After their purchase of a KNUTH Plasma-Jet Compact, this supplier can now cut all their steel parts in-house.

“Wahlers is a family business with 110 employees and primary importer for Ponsse, a worldwide leading forestry machinery manufacturer from Finland. Wahlers delivers annually 40 harvesters and 40 forwarders for harvesting and transporting tree trunks to customers in the forestry industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Netherlands.... read more


Precision Work under Pressure 


Metrol is a family-owned Polish business that uses KNUTH machine tools
for its pressure component production.

The company is well known for its high-quality pressure components that play a major role in the
efficiency and safety of industrial heat exchangers. Their products are used in applications, where
strict process temperatures control is required. Metrol employs about 40 people, who manufacture
about 30.000 components of various types per year, which are shipped directly to large manu-
facturers in Poland and Germany... read more

Roturn 400 C

Highest Performance in Hazardous Situations

Roturn 400 C

Global Player Minimax manufactures extinguishing and fire protection technology
products with Roturn 400 C CNC inclined-bed lathes from KNUTH Machine Tools. 

Minimax customized extinguishing and fire protection technology products are used worldwide
wherever fire hazards exist: in automotive plants, factories, logistics centers, office and residential
buildings, data centers, and on ships. After the installation is completed, the company offers its
international customers full service, so that even after many years of waiting in readiness without
being used, their fire protection systems function flawlessly and... read more

Lupus 420L

Precision at all levels


Uzbekistan machine & equipment manufacturers are using numerous KNUTH machine tools.

The JSC “Uzbekchimmash” plant has been producing machines and equipment for the oil, gas,
and chemical industries for more than 70 years, and today is one of the largest suppliers in that
sector in Uzbekistan. Around 1800 employees in the city of Chirchik are manufacturing heat
exchange equipment, evaporators, food processing machines, filters, centrifuges, and pumps,
as well as drilling equipment and replacement parts for chemical, food-processing... read more

Servoturn 410/1000

High precision turning just as on a CNC mach.

Servoturn® 410/1000

Specialists at ABP Racing use the Servoturn® 410/1000 for high-precision
customizations of classic engines. 

In his tuning workshop, Ralf Welzmüller breathes new life into old cars and fine-tunes racing
engines for increased performance. The specialists at ABP Racing can literally“ turn it up”
with their KNUTH Servoturn® 410/1000, a servo-conventional lathe that delivers superior
precision. It all began 30 years ago, when Ralf Welzmüller started a replacement parts
business in Dettenhausen, Germany... read more

Wasser-, Laser- und Plasmaschneiden

Water, Laser and Plasma Cutting

Cross-Technology Competencies in Sheet Metal Cutting

Professional consultation across all technologies

“Here we have different systems to demonstrate plasma, water-jet and laser cutting systems,”
explained Faruk Saglam, Technical Manager of the Competency Center. “We are working with
customer-specified materials and contours. This allows us to provide sound advice regarding
possibilities, limitations and cost structures.” The staff consists of 15 specialists and highly
qualified service technicians, who are familiar with the specific pros and... read more

D.Laser MT 3015

A Clean and Energy-Efficient Solution

D.Laser MT 3015

A D.Laser MT 3015 laser cutting system from KNUTH is used to cut large-format metal
plates for Kitzinger container washing systems 

Many years of experience and a wide range of products set Kitzinger apart from other manu-
facturers of washing systems and washing machines for bottles, boxes and reusable packaging.
Kitzinger was founded in 1986 in Handewitt, Germany, and is a major supplier of the German
food industry, but also serves customers all over Europe via a network of dealers. Grocers,
bakeries, butcher shops, and wholesale operations demand reliable... read more


A Perfect Cut 

NeoSpark 500

Continental Engineering Services rely on High Speed Wire EDM by KNUTH
for their 3D-printed production.

Continental Engineering Services has nothing to do with automotive tires. Based in Frankfurt,
Germany, this company generates most of its sales from development services for automotive
and industrial applications. Continental Engineering Services (CES) is a wholly-owned subsidiary
of Continental and develops new solutions for technologically challenging tasks in the specialty
fields of automotive interiors, drivetrains and chassis applications... read more

Vector 1000M

A Custom-Fit, Future-Perfect Investment 

Vector 1000M

Now JAM Automation can cut individual parts much faster and more accurate than ever
before on their new STAHLWERK VECTOR 1000M Machining Center from KNUTH. 

JAM Automation has been producing custom automation solutions for the industry since 2001.
They are headquartered in Radevormwald, Germany, serving a mostly local customer base.
“Being close to our customers is very important to us,” said Burkhard Hörenbaum, Manager
of Operations. “This is not only important for close coordination during the development phase,
but also later to guarantee fast service.”... read more

Portamill Duo

Milling hard steel (500 HB)

Portamill Duo

Safety shields for the recycling industry

Steel with a Brinell hardness of 500 is tough in every aspect, including in regards to its machin-
ability VST Verschleißtechnik conquers this challenge by using conventional gantry-type milling
machines from KNUTH. For three generations Josef Schulte’s family has been in the steel
machining business. Since 1985 the business shifted its focus increasingly to the production of
custom wear plates for the recycling industry... read more


Focus on the perfect cut


Kopp Schleiftechnik, located in Germany, produces high-precision milling tools and
uses KNUTH Cylindrical Grinding Machines for their production.

Their first KNUTH Cylindrical Grinding Machine was a used RSM 500 CNC. In 2011, two
brand-new machines were added, which are now being fully utilized every day. Kopp and
KNUTH share the common goal of constantly providing reliable quality and great service.
In addition, both companies put great emphasis on ensuring costeffective processes at their
customers’ sites... read more


Knife Blade Blanks made in Solingen, GER 


C. & E. Rauh uses state-of-the-art laser technology from KNUTH Machine Tools for its production of knife blade blanks.

Made in Solingen stands for a long tradition of extraordinary blade quality. “The Solingen trade-
mark may only be used on a product, if all major manufacturing steps took place within the
Solingen Industrial Region,” explained William Walz from C. & E. Rauh. The family operated
business specializes in the production of knife blanks and has supplied cutlery manufacturers
since 1890. William Walz entered the business in 1981... read more

Numturn 320

Modular Manufacturing with CNC Lathes

Numturn 320

Retrofitting ensures shortest cycle times at HUMARD Automation SA

Modular production lines by Humard Automation SA are fast, flexible and can be used for a wide
variety of products or product variants. The Swiss manufacturer had a Knuth Numturn 320
box-way lathe adapted to fulfill the very special requirements for their customer's automated pump
production line. Humard Automation SA in Delémont (Switzerland) designs and implements turnkey
production lines for manufacturers of components needed for clocks, vehicles, jewelry... read more

Numturn 420

For a perfect finish

Numturn 420

Swiss finishing specialist uses customized Numturn 420 lathe
as flexible, robust base machine.

As a specialist for process-reliable finishing and surface technologies the techno-finish
Industries GmbH finds solutions for complex finishing and grinding tasks. Using the
Numturn 420 as a base machine and in close cooperation with KNUTH, the Swiss company
has already produced four versatile high-precision finishing machines for a customer in the
automotive industry. The optimum finishing of components is increasingly important... read more

X.mill 700 HS

X.mill 700 HS

World leading manufacturer, TUBUS CARRIER SYSTEMS, uses KNUTH MACHINE TOOLS
for its design and production

The company was founded by Peter Ronge, and its brands Tubus and Racktime are the worldwide
leading carrier systems for bicycles. While the production facilities are located in Asia, the proto-
types and samples are developed at the company’s headquarters in Muenster, Germany. The
company utilizes 4 machining centers and additional precision machines by KNUTH Machine
Tools, which make a crucial contribution in this respect... read more

Verturn 1600

Railway wheels for the global market

Verturn 1600

New production level at INTERPIPE NTZ / Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe in terms of territory. In addition to its enormous
wealth of natural resources, the main pillar of the Ukrainian economy is heavy industry, mainly
steel, locomotive manufacturing and mechanical engineering. For more than ten years KNUTH
Werkzeugmaschinen has been doing business in this region. “Many of the major metal-working
companies are among our regular customers,” says Irina Gerdt... read more

Taurus 300M

Successful expansion


Premium heavy-duty turning center with C-axis and driven tools

ProfModul started with a Taurus 300M in its heavy metal machining operation: The CNC Horizontal
Turning Center provides maximum flexibility to machine a wide variety of workpieces. In 2015,
ProfModul decided to expand its operations by adding metal machining to its production. The
Russian company turned to the Stahlwerk Premium Line experts to find the optimum machine
tool for its requirements. ProfModul has been producing roofing and siding materials... read more

Lupus 700

Micrometer Precision

Lupus 700

The production of automated thermoforming equipment and associated molding dies
requires extreme precision while working with 1 micrometer thick films.

Rohde Maschinenbau, a thermoforming equipment manufacturer in Eutin, Germany, uses
STAHLWERK Premium Line machine tools to meet these stringent requirements. “Our
machines process PP, PP-EVOH-PP, PS or APET plastic films that are fed direct from rolls,”
explained Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Norbert Rohde.  Since 1996 his business
designs and manufacturers automated thermoforming equipment in series... read more