CNC Engraving and Milling Machine

PFG 2513

Large work area and superior precision and performance
Part No. 171960

  • A major advantage of this machine is the heavy construction with fixed gantry and axis-aligned work table
  • The use of natural, precision-machined granite for the machine frame ensures maximum accuracy and stability
  • This exclusive material provides complete resistance against corrosion, acids and alkaline solutions
  • A powerful vacuum pump ensures a firm hold of the workpiece on the machining table
  • The high-quality 10 HP / 12 HP HSD spindle motor (made in Europe) provides a wide rpm range and pneumatic tool clamping
  • Ceramic bearings at the tool mount and a powerful air cooler provide maintenance-free, highly reliable service
  • The linear 8-station tool changer is designed without complex mechanics for short travels and quick tool changes
  • All three axes are provided with linear guides and preloaded ball screws for increased accuracy, high precision and excellent rigidity
  • Syntec CNC controls are known for their performance and reliability and are used worldwide on premium engraving and machining centers
  • Tool length measurements simplify machine configurations, save time and increase production accuracy
  • A highly efficient cold-air nozzle delivers precise cooling of tools and workpiece
  • The granite machine frame with fixed gantry and axis-aligned work table is precise and extremely robust

Working Area
X axis travel98 in
Y axis travel51 in
Z axis travel8 in
Table set up area98x51 in
Speed range6,000 - 24,000 rpm
Spindle mountISO 30 (DIN 69871)
Working speed axe X71 in/min
Working speed axe Y71 in/min
Rapid feed394 in/min
Tool head
Number of tool stations8 positions
Drive Capacity
Main motor rating7,5 / 9,0 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)126x86.6x78.7 in
Weight5,500 lbs
Part No. 171960

  • Ethernet fast program transmission
  • Production history of the last 100 programs
  • Block processing speed of more than 300 blocks
  • Online functions
  • Alarm History up to 200 Alarms
  • Windows-based CE Software
  • Service interval reminder and machine lock function
  • Closed Loop- SYNTEC CNC controller
  • Can be interfaced with any Pulse Input based servo drive
  • HSHP - high- speed high- precision parameters

  • 8-station tool changer
  • collet chuck ISO 30 (DIN 69871)
  • ER collets (0.125 in / 0.16 in / 0.24 in / 0.3 in / 0.5 in)
  • tool length measuring device
  • Syntec control
  • main spindle motor 10/12 HP
  • draw bolt (DIN 69872)
  • vacuum clamping plate
  • vacuum pump
  • cold-air nozzle
  • operating tools
  • operator manual