Plasma Cutting Machines

Plasma-Jet Air Pro

Low-cost plasma cutter alternative with Hypertherm and Kjiellberg technology
Plasma source

  • Compact design with guides integrated into the table frame
  • Plasma cutting system for personal use providing high value at a lost cost
  • Careful selection of the optimum components ensures that the same cutting functionality is available as in large plasma cutting systems
  • Machine can be moved and transported in its fully assembled state
  • The drives on both sides of the machine bridge and the drive of the X-slide along the machine bridge are carried out in a permanently precise manner by helical rack and pinion.
  • The machine has a segment-wise suction of the working surface, whereby the respective suction flap is opened mechanically by the machine bridge passing.
  • The distance between plasma cutting nozzle and plate surface is maintained by the Z axis height control; height control is regulated by an electric arc
  • Plasma cutter head with collision guard

Plasma-Jet Air Pro 1530 K
Cutting Width 61 in
Cutting length 120 in
Table height 24 in
Table load capacity 71 lbs/ft²
Rapid feed 591 in/min
Weight (without plasma source) 3,740 lbs
Part No. 144000
Plasma-Jet Air Pro 1530 H
61 in
120 in
24 in
71 lbs/ft²
591 in/min
3,740 lbs

  • Table is prepared for filter system (mechan. closure control)
  • Panasonic servo-motors and drives
  • Automatic torch height control with Hypertherm THC sensor
  • Cutter torch with magnetic coupling and crash sensor
  • Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC Unit
  • 15” touchscreen by ELO
  • Ethercat-E
  • Laser pointer
  • Libellula Wizard PRO
  • Libellula.CAD 2D