Portabot 2811 linear gantry robot

KNUTH’s linear gantry technology offers a cost-efficient solution for the loading and unloading of machine tools
Part No. 253056
Ex Wasbek Warehouse – no returns accepted – without CE certificate and with 6 months warranty

Working Area
Z axis vertical travel43.31 in
X-axis travel11 in
Rapid Feed
X-axis rapid feed147.15 fpm
Z-axis rapid feed163.5 fpm
Maximum workpiece weight3.3 lbs
Part No. 253056

  • The standardized module system is flexible and can easily be adapted for customer-specific requirements
  • All elements have been carefully matched to each other to ensure easy setup and retrofitting of existing machines
  • Robust hollow structural steel sections form the gantry base on both axes
  • Hardened and ground rack-and-pinion gears ensure long lasting positioning accuracy/repeatability and high reliability
  • Proven linear guide systems on both moving axes
  • The linear gantry robot is equipped with a dual gripper system and a gripper with swiveling axis, allowing unloading and loading in one operation
  • An automatic central lubrication system simplifies maintenance
  • The compact stand-alone control features a hand-held controller and is aligned with the gantry’s linear robotics ensuring an easy connection to the respective machine control, quick start/up and truly simple operation of the entire system
  • Installation cost will be provided upon request (for part no. 270061); installation is included with the Roturn 400 C
  • Automatic material storage system with 10 stations for the management of blanks and finished parts
  • The safety packages needed for operation can be customized to meet individual requirements

  • NC control LNC R680 with 7" color display
  • dual gripper
  • material memory with 10 stations
  • safety guard
  • operator instructions