CNC Gantry-Type Milling Machines

Portalo B

High-Capacity Portal Machining Center for heavy, high-volume workpieces
Travel X-axis
Travel Y-axis

  Portalo B 1810Portalo B 2516Portalo B 3016Portalo B 4025Portalo B 6025Portalo B 8025
Working Area
Table dimensions75x39 in98x63 in118x63 in157x83 in236x83 in315x83 in
Table load capacity (max.)19,800 lbs33,000 lbs44,000 lbs66,000 lbs88,000 lbs132,000 lbs
T-slots, width0.7 in0.9 in0.9 in1.1 in1.1 in1.1 in
Number of T-slots5 positions7 positions7 positions9 positions9 positions9 positions
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance9 - 31 in8 - 39 in8 - 39 in14 - 61 in14 - 61 in14 - 61 in
Travel X-axis41.3 in63 in63 in98.4 in98.4 in98.4 in
Travel Y-axis79 in98 in126 in165 in244 in323 in
Travel Z-axis22 in31 in31 in47 in47 in47 in
Spindle speed8,000 rpm8,000 rpm8,000 rpm6,000 rpm6,000 rpm6,000 rpm
Spindle mountBT 50
Rapid Feed
Rapid feed1,181 in/min787 in/min787 in/min591 in/min591 in/min591 in/min
Work feed0 - 591 in/min
Torque1,017.75 - 1,522.2,433.7 - 2,150.55,433.7 - 2,150.55,367.38 - 3,548.85,367.38 - 3,548.85,367.38 - 3,548.85
Tool Head
Number of tool stations20 positions
Tool size Ø x L (max.)5.91x9.84 in5.91x9.84 in5.91x9.84 in5.91x11.02 in5.91x11.02 in5.91x11.02 in
Max. workpiece width x height51x29 in79x30 in79x37 in113x59 in113x59 in113x59 in
Tool weight max.33 lbs
Tool-change time6 sec
Positioning accuracy0.00039 in
Repeatability0.0002 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive24.1 - 24.1 Hp33.5 - 33.5 Hp33.5 - 33.5 Hp56.3 - 56.3 Hp56.3 - 56.3 Hp56.3 Hp
Main drive, continuous load16.09 Hp22.8 Hp22.8 Hp37.55 Hp37.55 Hp37.55 Hp
Motor rating X-axis2.8 Hp5.8 Hp5.8 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp
Motor rating Y2.8 Hp5.8 Hp5.8 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp
Motor rating Z axis (brakes)5.8 Hp7 Hp7 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp10.3 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)189x125x111 in217x138x134 in256x138x134 in296x241x158 in375x241x158 in453x260x158 in
Weight44,000 lbs68,200 lbs72,600 lbs96,800 lbs121,000 lbs154,000 lbs

  • Cast-iron frame with high gantry design for maximum rigidity, small foot print for efficient and economical operation
  • In smaller models with up to 62" wide tables the machine frame is a one-piece construction, while larger models feature separate table and column constructions
  • Rigid traverses with drives on both sides - perfect synchronization of drives and dynamics
  • Large linear guides in X / Y axis and 4 linear roller guides on Z axis ensure lasting precision
  • A fixed table allows machining of extra-heavy workpieces
  • Precision preloaded ball screws and proven Siemens servo-motors provide dynamic feed and rapid feed on all axes
  • A powerful coolant system combined with the included chip conveyor ensures excellent chip disposal and optimum machining conditions
  • Optional universal and angle cutter heads allow angular or lateral machining of workpieces
  • Plus free 1-day training in Wasbek

  • Compact, rugged and maintenance-free operator-panel CNC with dedicated system software for turning, milling and grinding technologies
  • High-quality, rugged, magnesium die-cast operator panels with degree of protection IP65
  • Maintenance-free operator panel front, e.g. no fan, battery or hard disk
  • Highest machining precision with 80-bit NANOFPaccuracy
  • New user interface SINUMERIK Operate – same look and feel as SINUMERIK 840D sl
  • ShopTurn/ShopMill (option): Very fast programming time in the production of individual parts and small batches
  • Advanced Surface: Innovative, high-performance CNC functions provide top quality of workpiece surface with minimum machining times
  • Technology package SINUMERIK MDynamics with the new function Advanced Surface: Perfect workpiece surfaces and very fast machining times in molded part production
  • programGUIDE: fastest machining time and maximum flexibility for large series productions
  • Unique spectrum of technology cycles – ranging from the machining of any turning and milling contour with residual material detection to in-process measurements
  • G-Tech is a grinding package with an extensive scope of CNC functions ranging from the low-cost entry-level model up to highly productive machines
  • Animated Elements: Unique operating and programming support with moving picture sequences
  • modern data transfer options via USB stick, CF card and network (Ethernet)
  • SINUMERIK Integrate for production Access MyMachine /Ethernet permits remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world
  • Easy Message: Integrated mobile radio modem for optimum process monitoring and maximum machine availability via text messages (SMS)
  • Easy Extend: Flexible handling of machine units, e.g. an A axis/parts machine
  • Maintenance scheduler: Signaling of pending maintenance tasks in accordance with specified maintenance intervals


  • Operator panel variants for horizontal or vertical operator panel housings
  • Proximity/clearance sensor for smart display control
  • Integrated QWERTY full CNC keyboard with short-stroke keys
  • Additional Ethernet interface at the rear of the CNC for connection to factory network
  • Additional USB interface at the rear of the CNC for machine control panel
  • Integrated PLC based on the SIMATIC S7-200 command set with ladder logic programming
  • I/O interface based on PROFINET for the connection of PLC I/O devices and a machine control panel
  • Up to 5 axes/spindles
  • 1 analog spindle
  • 1 machining channel/mode group
  • Integrated tool management with tool life monitoring
  • Configurable user screens with SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyScreens (Easy Screen)
  • SINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyRobot /EasyConnect for simple interfacing of robots and handling systems
  • Integrated data archiving procedure for simple data updates

  • Siemens 828 D Basic control
  • Electronic hand-wheel for X and Z axis
  • separate control panel
  • compressed air gun
  • automatic central lubrication
  • coolant system
  • LED work lamp
  • 2 spiral chip conveyors
  • CE
  • 20-station tool changer
  • operating tools
  • operating manual and programming instructions