Plasma Cutting Machines

PW-Cut 1530 Plasma cutting machine

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Part No. 143100
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  • The machine body consists of a rigid, completely welded and strain-free steel structure with integrated guides, material support and reservoir
  • The deep reservoir is positioned directly underneath the material support area and extends across the entire work area. It holds enough water to reliably capture all cutting residue during machining
  • The compact Powermax 105 plasma source features up to 0.9 in cutting capacity and is included in the standard machine package
  • The gantry is driven by stepped motors on both sides ensuring uniform, torsion-free travel
  • High-quality linear guides are rigid, low-maintenace, and mounted in a protected fashion
  • The user-friendly control is integrated into a separate operator console
  • Height control allows adjustment of cutting height, plunge cut time, plunge cut height, and amps

Working Area
Cutting Width59 in
Cutting length118 in
Table load capacity205 lbs/ft²
Rapid feed354 in/min
Work feed2 - 150 in/min
Travel Z-axis3 in
Travel X-axis59 in
Travel Y-axis118 in
Drive Capacity
Total power consumption33
Machine drive capacity X-axis1 Hp
Machine drive capacity Y-axis1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)149.6x66.9 in
Weight (without plasma source/vacuum)10,120 lbs
Part No. 143100

  • FLSK-2300 A control with 10.4" LCD monitor
  • Hypertherm® Powermax 105 plasma source
  • Height control XPTHC 300PT
  • Nesting Software FASTCAM, standard
  • operating manual and programming instructions
  • operator manual