Motorized Workshop Presses


Large setup table with traveling gantry for heavy workpieces
Pressure force

  PWP 100PWP 150
Working Area
Gantry width43 in
Table dimensions69x39 in
Table height28 in30 in
Portal travel42.52 in
Piston travel27.56 in
Distance piston/ table surface max.28 in
Pressure force110 t165 t
Operating pressure (max.)3,741 psi3,697.5 psi
Stroke15 in15.7 in
Forward motion speed0.3 in/s0.29 in/s
Press speed0.1 in/s0.09 in/s
Return speed0.36 in/s0.37 in/s
Drive Capacity
Motor rating hydraulic pump3 Hp4 Hp
Measures and Weights
Hydraulic tank volume7.92 gal
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)69x66x80 in69x69x83 in
Weight3,069 lbs4,807 lbs

  • This press with its manually movable gantry is manufactured exclusively in Europe and made of high-grade quality steel
  • The large setup table makes it perfect for straightening large sheet metal plates and structures
  • This machine is perfectly suited for performing stress tests, welding sample testing, and material testing
  • Repairs, assembly work, straightening of axles, beams, shafts as well as press-fitting or removing bearings and bushings can easily performed on this machine
  • With a manually movable gantry and a laterally positioned cylinder, the entire table surface can be utilized for machining.
  • The hydraulic system is powerful and reliable; the hydraulic cylinder can be moved via a motor or manually (via hand-pump)
  • The press features an integrated pressure gauge
  • The motorized hydraulic unit is operated via joystick and features 2-step hydraulics - with change-over switch for changing between quick-stroke and work stroke, shut-off during high-speed operation, and pressure regulator
  • The manual pumping feature allows high-precision press operation

  • operator instructions
  • pressure gauge
  • hydraulic unit