4 Rolls Hydraulic Plate Rolling Machines


Reliable processing of thick steel plates
Working length
Plate thickness (max.)

  RBM 20/06RBM 20/20RBM 25/08RBM 25/16RBM 25/25RBM 25/45RBM 30/13RBM 30/20RBM 30/50RBM 40/08RBM 40/16
Working Area
Working length83 in83 in102 in102 in102 in102 in122 in122 in122 in161 in161 in
Plate thickness (max.)0.24 in0.79 in0.31 in0.63 in0.98 in1.77 in0.51 in0.79 in1.97 in0.31 in0.63 in
Max. plate thickness for bending0.16 in0.63 in0.24 in0.51 in0.79 in1.38 in0.39 in0.63 in1.57 in0.24 in0.51 in
Upper roll diameter6 in12 in8 in12 in14 in18 in12 in14 in21 in12 in15 in
Lower roll diameter6 in11 in7 in11 in13 in17 in11 in13 in20 in11 in14 in
Side roll diameter5 in8 in7 in8 in10 in14 in8 in10 in17 in8 in12 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating hydraulic pump3 Hp20.1 Hp10.1 Hp14.8 Hp24.8 Hp40.2 Hp14.8 Hp20.1 Hp73.8 Hp10.1 Hp20.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)163x45x41 in179x69x59 in183x55x52 in199x69x59 in199x75x67 in236x91x102 in218x69x59 in219x75x67 in263x119x116 in258x69x59 in286x83x78 in
Weight5,104 lbs15,400 lbs10,120 lbs17,842 lbs25,960 lbs66,000 lbs19,360 lbs29,040 lbs88,000 lbs21,846 lbs45,760 lbs

  • Massive machine frame, based on an advanced design and many years of experience
  • Hydraulic safety chuck for easy removal of the part
  • Roller feed and adjustment of parallelism and taper at the control panel
  • All rollers are hardened and equipped with precision bearings
  • Hydraulically driven top and bottom rollers
  • Hydraulic components from Parker / Bosch
  • Electric components from Siemens and Telemanique
  • Minimum bending diameter = 3 x Ø of the top roller

  • hardened rollers
  • conical bending feature
  • digital display
  • control panel
  • operator manual