Rotary Tables

Rotary table RT 200

Part No. 125835

Working Area
Morse taperMT 3
Required space, including safety zone1:90
Setup (clamping)horiz. u. vertik.
Measures and Weights
Weight67 lbs
Part No. 125835

  • Completely enclosed design, prevents contamination from dirt and chips
  • Setup table rotates on a large ring-shaped box way
  • The very effective clamp pulls the setup table down straight, without any change of position or radial pressure and presses it against the guide way
  • For quick manual turning, the worm can be disengaged from the worm gear by pushing down the hand-lever
  • Setup table with 360° scale
  • The zero-backlash of worm and worm gear is adjustable
  • Hand wheel scale gradation 10''
  • Hand wheel can be replaced with indexing plate
  • With 4 radial setup T-slots (0.5")
  • Very low profile
  • Guide slot in the vertical base plane
  • Can be used vertically

Accuracy (max. deviation):

  • Surface concentricity of work table setup surface 300 : 0.0006"
  • Concentricity of setup < = 0.0006"
  • Parallelism of setup to base surface 300 : 0.02
  • Concentricity of setup table taper bore < = 0.0004"
  • Parallelism of bore axis to vertical setup surface 0.0012"
  • Parallelism of bore axis to slot in the vertical setup surface 0.02
  • Parallelism between vertical setup area and conus taper connection axis - tailstock center 0.02
  • Parallelism between slot in the vertical setup surface and the connecting axis between centers 0.02
  • Division accuracy 45'"