Set 6X Zero point clamping system with grid plate

Part No. 253789

Part No. 253789

Zero point clamping systems are the best solution for optimizing machine capacities and reducing tooling times to a minimum. This clamping solution have proven to speed up production processes while providing maximum precision and process safety.

The clamping system grid plate is designed for stationary mounting to the machine table of machining centers. The following components can be clamped on a zero point clamping system: Clamping tools, like machine vises, single or multiple pallets and blanks.


  • Non-corrosive and vacuum-hardened
  • 20 kN feed-in force at the clamping pin
  • 12x fastening bores M16, for T-slot distances of 2.48", 3.15", 3.94", 4.92"
  • 2x fastening bores M12
  • 17x dowel holes 12 H7 dia/M12
  • 2x dowel holes 18 G7 dia for positioning
  • 2x dowel holes 12 F7 dia for positioning

Consisting of:

  • 1 ea base plate, 6x, 15.7" x 15.7"
  • 4 ea mounting bolts
  • 1 ea operating set (torque wrench incl. nut and screw driver SW 10)