Universal Lathes

Sinus Plus

Powerful drive and fully equipped machine
Workpiece length (max.)
Turning diameter over bed

  Sinus Plus 330/1000Sinus Plus 330/1500Sinus Plus 330/2000Sinus Plus 330/3000Sinus Plus 400/1000Sinus Plus 400/1500Sinus Plus 400/2000Sinus Plus 400/3000
Working Area
Workpiece length (max.)39 in59 in79 in118 in39 in59 in79 in118 in
Turning diameter over bed26 in26 in26 in26 in30 in30 in30 in30 in
Turning-Ø over support17 in17 in17 in17 in23 in23 in23 in23 in
Turning diameter without gap bridge34 in34 in34 in34 in41 in41 in41 in41 in
Gap bridge length9 in
Bed width16 in
Travel Z1-axis6 in
Swing range of top slide70°
Spindle speed36 - 1,600 rpm
Spindle bore4 in
Spindle mountD1-8
Rapid Feed
Rapid Feed X-axis74.8 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis157.48 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min177.17 in/min
Feed X-axis0.00106 - 0.04213 in/R
Feed Z-axis0.00248 - 0.09921 in/R
Tapping, metric(22) 1 - 14 mm
Tapping, diametric(24) 4 - 56
Tapping, module(18) 0.02 - 0.28 in
Tapping, withworth(30) 28 - 2 TPI
Tailstock quill diameter3 in
Tailstock taperMT 5
Tailstock quill stroke6 in
Tailstock traverse adjustment± 0.4 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive12.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)99x44x58 in119x44x58 in138x44x58 in178x44x58 in99x44x61 in119x44x61 in138x44x61 in178x44x61 in
Weight6,600 lbs7,040 lbs7,480 lbs8,580 lbs6,820 lbs7,260 lbs7,700 lbs8,800 lbs

  • The heavy, generously sized lathe bed features a removable bridge for machining of workpieces with larger diameters
  • Gears, transmission shafts, and guideways are hardened and ground to guarantee very quiet operation and long tool life
  • An oil pump ensures reliable lubrication of the main spindle and main drive
  • The rugged design of all components ensures maximum accuracy, quiet operation, and superior machining performance
  • This series also features a large spindle bore
  • A central lubrication system supplies all guideways with lubrication and simplifies maintenance
  • The apron runs in an oil bath for low maintenance and high reliability
  • The main spindle’s manual clutch simplifies working with heavy workpieces
  • Stops for the automatic feed can be set across the entire travel distance
  • A linear and transverse rapid feed reduces downtime
  • Taper turning and quick-change tool holder system are part of the extensive standard equipment

  • 3-jaw chuck (13
  • 4-jaw chuck (16
  • chip tray
  • coolant system
  • dead center
  • live rest 0.8 - 4
  • faceplate 25
  • oil gun
  • includes fixed splash guard (wall)
  • steady rest 4 - 9.4
  • LED work lamp
  • 3-axis position indicator
  • taper turning unit
  • quick tool changer head WC
  • quick-change tool holder (4-pc)
  • bed stop with stop turret at support
  • operating tools
  • operator manual