Micro Spray Systems

Smart D2E

Reduce Cost and Increase Productivity
Part No. 102922

Smart D2E - tank volume 0.5 qt with 2 nozzles, manually controlled, electromagnetically shifted (24V)

Reduce Cost and Increase Productivity

  • Using Minimal Quantity Lubrication (MQL) will significantly reduce process cost and protect the environment.

Principle of Operation

  • The SKF LubriLean Smart minimal quantity lubrication systems consist of a lubricant reservoir, a lubricant dosing unit, and lubricant lines with spray nozzles. The compressed air fed to the systems pressurizes the lubricantreservoir, resulting in the lubricant being transported separately from the air (i. e., dual ducts) through a system of ducts and lines to the spray nozzle.The required lubricant and atomizing air (aerosol) volumes and adjustment of the inside pressure of the lubricant reservoir are regulated manually via regulator valves mounted on the lubricant reservoir. The lubricant tubes are designed as coaxial lines, so lubricant and aerosol will be transported separately to the spray nozzle. The spray nozzle is designed with dual-openings to facilitate mixing of two different materials.

Spray nozzle

  • The aerosol required at the process point is produced at thenozzle outlet. Lubricant and required atomizing air are fed via coaxial lines from the MQL system to the spray nozzle. The lubricating mixture is created at the nozzle outlet based on the Venturi principle. Carrier air flowing past theoil outlet sweeps the lubricant along with it and atomizes it intoextremely fine lubricant particles. The concentric oil/air flow that results from this special designkeeps the jet from expanding and causes the aerosol to be delivered to the process spot with pinpoint accuracy. As a result, contamination of the surroundings with excess aerosol is successfully prevented.


  • conventional machine tools can be easily retrofitted
  • simple adaption
  • fast Response
  • high process reliability
  • no dripping nozzles after shutdown
  • large spray distances achievable (up to 300 mm)
  • special nozzle minimizes jet expansion
  • improved surface finish due to reduced friction
  • no lubricant residue on workpiece or Chips
  • faster return on investment due to longer tool life
  • greater workplace safety and environmental protection

Number of outputs (nozzles)2 positions
Installed positionvertical
Fill volume indicatorvisual
Connections and Consumption
Fill volume0 gal
Consumption (oil volume)5 - 100 ml/h
Compressed air connection> 4 bar
Air consumption per nozzles / output50 Nl/min
Connected load24 V DC
Measures and Weights
Weight9 lbs
Part No. 102922

  • 2 nozzle tips with sectional tubing
  • 3 m coaxial tube with magnetic holder
  • electromagnetic switch without supply line