Engine Lathes

Turnado Pro

Our proven classic at its best
Center width
Center height

  Turnado 230/1000 PROTurnado 230/1500 PROTurnado 280/1500 PRO
Working Area
Center width39.37 in59.06 in59.06 in
Center height9 in9 in11 in
In-gap diameter over bed18 in18 in22 in
Turning diameter over gap bridge27 in27 in31 in
Turning-Ø over support9 in9 in14 in
Gap bridge length6 in6 in7 in
Bed width12 in12 in14 in
Travel X-axis11.2 in11.2 in12.4 in
Travel Z1-axis5 in
Swing range of top slide± 52°
Speed range, low30 - 600 rpm30 - 600 rpm25 - 200 rpm
Speed range, high600 - 3,000 rpm600 - 3,000 rpm200 - 1,600 rpm
Spindle bore2 in2 in3 in
Spindle mountCamlock D1-6 Camlock D1-6 Camlock D1-8
Spindle taperMT 6MT 6MT 7
Feed X-axis0.00098 - 0.05449 in/R0.00098 - 0.05449 in/R0.00079 - 0.02256 in/R
Feed Z-axis0.00217 - 0.12051 in/R0.00217 - 0.12051 in/R0.00232 - 0.0648 in/R
Tapping, metric(41) 0.1 - 14 mm(41) 0.1 - 14 mm(41) 0.2 - 14 mm
Tapping, diametric(50) 4-112 DP
Tapping, module(34) 0.1 - 7 mm
Tapping, withworth(60) 2-112 TPI
Tailstock quill diameter2 in2 in3 in
Tailstock taperMT 4 MT 4 MT 5
Tailstock quill stroke5 in5 in7 in
Tailstock traverse adjustment± 0.51 in± 0.51 in± 0.47 in
Drive Capacity
Motor rating main drive10.1 Hp
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)109x43x53 in109x43x53 in112x46x58 in
Weight3,784 lbs4,334 lbs5,214 lbs

  • With a new support, rapid feed and a modern ergonomic machine frame, the Turnado Lathe PRO series continues its success story
  • A heavily ribbed machine bed, rigid headstock and a massive one-piece cast-iron stand form a solid machine base
  • Removable bridge allows machining of short workpieces with large diameters
  • Back-gearing and an advanced electronic control technology of the powerful main spindle drive ensure high torque and a wide range of speeds
  • High-precision pre-loaded spindle bearings ensure superior concentricity and load capacity
  • All guides are adjustable
  • Gears, transmission shafts, and guideways are hardened and ground to guarantee quiet operation and long tool life
  • The apron runs in an oil bath for low maintenance and high reliability
  • A central lubrication system inside the support supplies all guideways with lubrication and simplifies maintenance
  • Micrometer bed stop ensures high repeatability on the Z-axis
  • The tailstock can be adjusted sideways for taper turning
  • The extensive features of the X.Pos Position Indicator are complemented here with a digital speed indicator and an easy to program auxiliary function
  • Constant cutting speed: during face turning, the spindle speed automatically adapts to the changing workpiece diameter – the constant cutting speed at the cutting edge of the turning tool ensures superior turning results with quality comparable to CNC lathes

3-axis position indicator

  • More accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Resulting in valuable time savings
  • For increased productivity
  • Easy to read display
  • Operator-specific features
  • Convenient keyboard layout
  • Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
  • Default coordinates
  • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • Storage for 10 tools
  • Radius / diameter toggle

  • 3-axis position indicator
  • 3-jaw chuck Ø 12 inch
  • 4-jaw face chuck Ø 14 inch
  • face plate Ø 17.7 inch
  • quick tool changer head WC
  • quick change tool holder WCD 32150
  • coolant system
  • steady and follow rests
  • rapid feed
  • fixed splash guard (wall)
  • chuck guard
  • foot brake pedal
  • LED work lamp
  • reducing sleeve
  • dead center
  • micrometer bed stop
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions