C-Frame Vertical Machining Centers

Vector 1300 • 1400 M

The compact versatile machining center with extensive reserve power
Travel X-axis
Travel Y-axis

Working Area
Table dimensions55x28 in59x28 in55x28 in59x28 in
Table load capacity3,740 lbs4,180 lbs3,740 lbs4,180 lbs
Tool weight max.15 lbs
Spindle nose-to-table surface distance6 - 33 in
Number of T-slots6 positions
T-slot (width x spacing)0.71x3.94 in
Travel X-axis51.2 in55.1 in51.2 in55.1 in
Travel Y-axis28 in
Travel Z-axis28 in
Spindle speed10,000 rpm
Spindle mountBT 40
Rapid Feed
X-axis rapid feed78.48 fpm
Y-axis rapid feed78.48 fpm
Z-axis rapid feed78.48 fpm
Work feed X-axis0.004 - 0.394 in/min
Work feed Y-axis0.004 - 0.394 in/min
Work feed Z-axis0.004 - 0.394 in/min
Tool Head
Number of tool stations24 positions
Tool size Ø x L (max.)3.15x11.81 in
Tool-changing time chip/chip3.9 sec3.9 sec1.8 sec1.8 sec
Tool-change time tool/tool1.8 sec1.8 sec3.9 sec3.9 sec
Positioning accuracies0.0002 in
Repeatability0.00012 in
Drive Capacity
Main drive, continuous load20.11 Hp
Motor rating X-axis6.5 Hp6.5 Hp6.2 Hp6.2 Hp
Motor rating for Y-axis drive6.5 Hp6.5 Hp6.2 Hp6.2 Hp
Motor rating Z-axis6.53 Hp6.53 Hp6.17 Hp6.17 Hp
ControlSiemens Siemens Heidenhain Heidenhain
Measures and Weights
Weight18,480 lbs19,800 lbs18,480 lbs19,800 lbs
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)134x103x130 in150x103x130 in134x103x130 in150x103x130 in

  • The large VECTOR Series is perfectly equipped for large jobs and can be ordered with customized accessories to provide flexible solutions for constantly expanding requirements

Machine Design

  • The extra-wide column base and large guide distances ensure the necessary rigidity for fast machining processes requiring high precision
  • During the development of this series, modern FEM analysis tools were used for the simulation of countless load conditions in order to guarantee superior stability of the machine frame in real-world applications, which now exceeds all expectations for this class of machines
  • All axes move on premium, fully enclosed linear roller guideways and precision ball screws and are driven by dynamic servo-motors

Extra-rigidity at all the right places

  • The VECTOR features larger guideways that are equipped with additional guide carriages for even higher load capacities, more rigidity and higher speeds during heavy-duty machining operations
  • Preloaded ball screws with larger and additional bearings ensure superior efficiency and longer life


  • Main spindle runs on multiple bearings to ensure excellent absorption and dissipation of forces during machining
  • The advanced design of our spindles ensure low heat accumulation under load
  • Large preloaded bearings ensure radial stability during heavy-duty machining operations
  • High-temperature lubricants ensure optimum lubrication at any operating temperature and a long tool life
  • Clamping the tool between contact surfaces at the taper and workpiece flange ensures maximum hold of the tool in the spindle

Tool changer

  • The VECTOR is equipped with the best tool changer to allow full utilization of the machining center’s capacity
  • With only 1.8 seconds tool changing time, the dual-arm gripper also is one of the fastest tool changers on the market


  • The totally enclosed workspace features a large door and side doors for easy access, safety and cleanliness
  • Electrical equipment is divided into separate control cabinets for high and low voltage systems, which results in a significant reduction of heat accumulation and noise
  • An electronic hand-wheel simplifies machine set-up
  • The automatic central lubrication system ensures proper lubrication of all lube points

TNC 620 - Compact motion control for milling machines and drill presses

The compact TNC 620 is very versatile and accommodates up to five controlled axes. The flexible control concept with workshop-oriented programmability via HEIDENHAIN plain text dialogs, the possibility of external programming, its capacity and specifications make it ideal for use in universal milling machine and drill press applications, such as:

  • Single part and series production
  • Toolmaking
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Research and development
  • Prototype construction and testing
  • Repair shops and training facilities

Plus, it features all necessary and additional helpful functions for:

Universal Milling Machines

  • Free contour programming
  • Milling cycles for complex contours
  • Quick referencing via HEIDENHAIN scanning systems

Drill Presses

  • Cycles for drilling and reaming
  • Cycles for dot patterns on circles and lines

Five-axis machining with swivel head and rotary table

  • External, machine-independent programming – the TNC 620 automatically considers the machine’s geometry
  • Swiveling work surface
  • Machining of cylindrical surfaces
  • 3D tool correction
  • Quick completion due to short block processing times

  • heidenhain TNC-620 control with 19” touchschreen display
  • coolant flow through spindle, 30 bar with double filter
  • 24-station tool changer with dual-arm
  • BT 40 mount
  • spindle oil cooler
  • chain-type conveyor with chip container
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • oil skimmer
  • automatic central lubrication
  • coolant gun
  • chip flushing system
  • heat exchanger for electric control cabinet
  • telescoping axis cover
  • RS-232 interface
  • USB port
  • CF card reader
  • totally enclosed work space
  • work lamp
  • 3-color signal lamp
  • coolant system
  • adjustable machine feet
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions