CNC Vertical Lathes

Verturn VDM CNC

Efficiency and precision for high quality, power, and reliability
Turning diameter, vertical
Machining height (max.)

  • Heat-treated machine bed made of premium HT250 cast-iron
  • Large, induction-hardened and precision-ground rectangular guides with synthetic coating ensure optimum sliding and damping properties
  • High-precision preloaded ball screws from renown manufacturers on all axes
  • Hydraulic clamping of cross traverse
  • Easy access to the 4-jaw face chuck allows easy clamping of heavy and complex workpieces
  • Includes the proven Siemens 828 D SL
  • 4-step precision gears and infinitely variable 60 Hp main motor - for high torque (up to 29,500 ft/lbs) across the entire speed range
  • The work area is easily accessible through a wide opening safety door
  • All guideways are lubricated reliably via a central lubrication system
  • Chip conveyor with chip carriage and automatic 4-station tool changes complete this extensive standard equipment

Verturn II VDM 1250 CNC
Turning diameter, vertical 49 in
Machining height (max.) 39 in
Work piece weight (max.) 7,040 lbs
Speed 3,750 rpm
Travel X-axis 27.6 in
Travel Z-axis 26 in
Travel Z1-axis 26 in
Speed range 0.5 - 250 rpm
Torque max. 203,550
Lathe chuck diameter 39 in
Rapid Feed X-axis 157.48 in/min
Rapid Feed Z-axis 157.48 in/min
Feed W-axis 17 in/min
Number of tool stations 4 positions
Tool-change time tool/tool 10 sec
Tool weight max. 55 lbs
Positioning accuracy 0.00118 in
Repeatability 0.00059 in
Motor rating main drive 40.2 Hp
Motor rating feed 3 Hp
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 208.661x149.606x165.354 in
Weight 20,900 lbs
Part No. 180675
Verturn II VDM 1600 CNC
63 in
47 in
11,000 lbs
3,750 rpm
36 in
31 in
33 in
0.5 - 200 rpm
55 in
157.48 in/min
157.48 in/min
17 in/min
4 positions
10 sec
55 lbs
0.00118 in
0.00059 in
49.6 Hp
3 Hp
255.905x165.354x173.228 in
26,400 lbs
Verturn II VDM 2300 CNC
91 in
55 in
17,600 lbs
3,750 rpm
46.5 in
39 in
41 in
0.5 - 100 rpm
79 in
157.48 in/min
157.48 in/min
17 in/min
4 positions
10 sec
55 lbs
0.00118 in
0.00059 in
60.3 Hp
3 Hp
299.212x196.85x212.598 in
44,000 lbs

  • The SINUMERIK 828D is perfectly suited for equipping horizontal and vertical turning centers with one machining channel and up to eight CNC measuring circuits. Apart from the main spindle and the geometry axes (X axis and Z axis), other machine units can be operated as well:
  • CNC controlled turret
  • Tailstock axis (with travel to fixed stop)
  • Driven tools and C axis mode for end face and peripheral surface machining
  • Y axis (orthogonal or oblique)
  • Sub-spindle with synchronous spindle function for complete machining of workpieces
  • With the SINUMERIK 828D you get a CNC system that is customized for the application in lathes and milling machines. CNC, PLC, user interface and axis control for six CNC measuring circuits are all combined within a single compact unit. The control provides comprehensive CNC functions such as support of sub-spindle machining and powerful tool management capability.
  • The SINUMERIK 828D offers comprehensive turning capabilities for lathes, plus drilling and milling operations for face machining and peripheral surface machining of workpieces. The performance of the controller and the new motion control allow you to achieve mirror finish surfaces with minimum machining time. The SINUMERIK 828D has eliminated all unnecessary functionalities; this is particularly noticeable in the graphical user interface. This means it is optimally suitable for use in the workshop. Operation, programming and maintenance can quickly be mastered with only minimal training requirements.
  • Optimum operator guidance via CNC input screens with animated input masks
  • USB, CF, and Ethernet interfaces are located on the front panel for quick and easy data transfers
  • Integrated wireless modem for optimum process monitoring via mobile phone

  • Siemens 828 D control
  • electronic hand-wheel
  • 4-jaw face chuck
  • automatic 4-station tool changer
  • coolant system
  • control cabinet with heat-exchanger
  • signal lamp
  • chip conveyor
  • hydraulic unit
  • oil cooler
  • work space lighting
  • operating tools
  • operator manual