Position Indicators

X.pos Plus

For new installations or for retrofitting existing milling machines, drill presses, grinders or even measuring machines
Part No. 123455

Fully compatible with older X.pos scales - Upgrade now!

X.pos Plus - You will gain productivity, quality and comfort

  • Default coordinates
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Vibration filter feature
  • Mm/inch conversion
  • 8 display languages
  • Calculator function
  • high-resolution display with excellent legibility
  • state-of-the art electronics and a very robust, completely sealed enclosure ensure maximum safety and optimum production conditions
  • a major focus during the development and selection of electronic components was the achievement of maximum resistance against external interferences and maintaining low temperature levels
  • background colors of the display can be changed as required or desired
  • the keyboard membrane is highly resistant and yet very comfortable to touch
  • When using for lathes, the values for top slide (Z0) and bed slide (Z1) can be displayed either individually or as differentiation/summation circuit for lathes
  • the display also provides a key to toggle between radius and diameter
  • the axis position is maintained when the display is turned off
  • graphical support with residual path display and sketch drawing
  • linear and non-linear length correction is possible
  • easy mounting, easy electric connection, and maintenance-free operation

Part No. 123455