Die Sinker EDM


Economical entry-level electric discharge technology
Travel X-axis
Generator power consumption

  ZNC-EDM 250ZNC 435 LZNC 760 L
Working Area
Table dimensions18x11 in28x18 in28x47 in
Electrode holder-to-table distance7.87 - 15.75 in9.84 - 23.62 in11.81 - 34.25 in
Workpiece weight (max.)440 lbs1,540 lbs4,400 lbs
Quill stroke8 in10 in12 in
Electrode weight (max.)66 lbs
Travel X-axis9.8 in17.7 in27.6 in
Travel Y-axis8 in14 in24 in
Generator power consumption3.5 kVA7.5 kVA9 kVA
Removal rate (max.)0.62 in²/min0.78 in²/min1.24 in²/min
Electrode wear, min.≤ 0,2 %≤ 0.2 %≤ 0.2 %
Mean generator capacity40 80 100
Generator weight- lb441 lb441 lb
Roughness< 0.3 µm Ra
Measures and Weights
Overall dimensions (length x width x height)55x59x83 in60x63x83 in74x65x101 in
Weight2,200 lbs3,960 lbs8,360 lbs

  • User-friendly CNC control assists the user in the selection of work parameters
  • The machine frame design incorporates modern aspects plus many years of manufacturing experience
  • X and Y- axes are equipped with preloaded ball screws for low maintenance and high precision
  • The main axis is positioned by a precision spindle, which has its own lubricant circuit - ensuring constant temperature conditions at the spindle, minimum friction and maximum precision
  • The dielectric system is driven by a premium pump made by a renowned European manufacturer
  • Machine operation is user-oriented and easy to learn
  • Finely-incremented work parameters allow high powered material removal and finishing in one process
  • Diagnostic information is very helpful

Economical Entry-Level Electric Discharge Technology

  • control unit
  • fire extinguishing system
  • work lamp
  • filter system
  • scales for X / Y- axis
  • chuck
  • operating tools
  • operator instructions