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Vertical Milling Machine - VFM 5
Vertical Milling Machine - VFM 5
Vertical Milling Machine - VFM 5 Vertical Milling Machine - Die Vorschubrichtung wird für alle 3 Achsen zentral geschaltet Vertical Milling Machine - Kraftvoller Antrieb und laufruhiges Hauptspindel-getriebe mit 12 Stufen Vertical Milling Machine - Schwerer Vertikalfräskopf garantiert Stabilität bei  großer Ausladung


Vertical Milling Machine

Large travel size and heavy vertical cutter head with adjustable angle

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Part No. 301282
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  • Machine frame with extra rigid design, wide knee slide and large travel sizes
  • Guideways and gears are hardened and ground
  • Large setup table features a hardened surface and is perfectly suited for clamping large workpieces
  • Extremely rigid cutter head swivels ± 30°
  • Manual quill feed for micro-feeds during milling and drilling, even with tilted cutter head
  • High-torque servo motors with infinitely variable feeds and rapid feeds on all 3 axes
  • Standard equipment includes digital 3-axis position indicator, large chip tray, and coolant sytem to ensure long tool life and excellent workpiece surface quality

3-axis position indicator

  • More accuracy
  • Lower error rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Resulting in valuable time savings
  • For increased productivity
  • Easy to read display
  • Operator-specific features
  • Convenient keyboard layout
  • Resolution: 0.0004 / 0.0002"
  • Default coordinates
  • Axis position is maintained when display is turned off
  • Hole circle pattern calculation
  • Calculator function
  • Storage for 10 tools
  • Radius / diameter toggle
  • Mm/inch conversion
  • Easy expansion and maintenance-free operation

Technical Data

Standard Equipment

3-axis position indicator, reducing sleeve (ISO 50 / MT4), draw bar, foundation bolts M20 x 19.5", central lubrication, coolant system, chip tray, work lamp, operating tools, operator manual
Optional Equipment
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