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CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP
CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP
CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - 4-track box way CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP CNC Vertical Machining Center - X.mill 1300 GP

X.mill 1300 GP

CNC Vertical Machining Center

For machining of large, heavy parts, with extra-wide rectangular guides

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Part No. 182240
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  • Tool magazine for 24 tools, with quick double-arm gripper = tool changing time: 3.8 s
  • Machine bed and vertical guide system feature very wide, hardened and ground rectangular guides
  • 4-guideway system in the machine bed for high table load capacity
  • Hydraulic weight balancing system ensures high dynamics, long life and maximum accuracy of the Z axis drive
  • Large precision preloaded ball screws, direct servo-motor drive to ensure maximum reliability and precision
  • Pneumatic tool clamping for easy and quick tool changes
  • Automatic central lubrication for low-maintenance operation
  • Reinforced enclosure for reduced vibrations

Technical Data


GPlus 450 Fräsen

GPlus 450 - Windows-based CNC control for milling machines

  • Easy, user-oriented operation allows quick creation of programs
  • 450 NC blocks/sec, 200 sets LookAhead
  • 40 GB hard drive to store NC programsbold;">
  • Intuitively programmable, customizable machining cycles with a large variety of help graphics in the Cycle Editor
  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface allows remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world; USB port
  • No knowledge of G & M Code Instructions necessary
  • Workshop-oriented programming at the control or external programming (CAD/CAM)
  • Received the TechStar 2008 award for most innovative future-oriented products
  • The GPlus 450 features a 17“ TFT color monitor with touch-screen display to display all data for a user-friendly programming experience and easy operation
  • Status messages show the user the current state of the control
  • Frequently used machining sequences can be programmed quick and easy using the graphics-based Cycle Editor.
  • With the use of Input masks, the Cycle Editor guides the operator intuitively and self-explanatory through the editing steps. A separate Help Graphic is available for every definable parameter
  • Knowledge about the G and M Code Command Set or special programming language is NOT needed. However, experienced users have the ability to use DIN/ISO programming to create NC programs.
  • Graphic simulation with integrated zoom function for a detailed display of actual chip removal
  • A standard 10/100 MBit Ethernet interface and USB port allow fast data transfers from externally created programs (CAD/CAM) and saving these on the GPlus 450 hard drive
  • Single CPU concept (advantage: ties up only 2% of the system capacity)
  • 40 GB storage, 2.0 GHz Intel Celeron processor, 256 MB RAM
  • Block processing time: 450 NC blocks per sec
  • Worldwide remote diagnostics
  • Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet implementation is possible
  • Machine can be integrated in factory networks
  • Technology-specific cycles for milling and drilling

Cycle overview M (Milling):

  • Milling cycles: circular pocket, rectangular pocket, arc pocket, face milling
  • Drilling cycles: basic drilling, drilling with dwell time, deep-hole drilling, tapping, reaming
  • Drill patterns: row of holes, Hole circle / segment, free drill positioning, rectangle / parallelogram, grid

Why PC Technology?

  • PC Technology serves as platform for high-performance CNCs, since it allows us to automatically take part in the development programs of leading manufacturers of motherboards, hard drives, software, and operating systems. Thus, these manufacturers provide us with an "extended workbench". The rapid development of these components gives the KNUTH GPlus 450 a special edge.
  • Optionally, the GPlus 450 software may be installed on a regular office PC (System Requirements: Intel processor) whereby the user interface is fully identical with the machine control user interface. This allows for a very realistic operation and programming training of newcomers. The created NC programs can be tested and simulated and are fully executable on the machine's control.

Maximized PC power results in optimized speed, surface quality, and accuracy of the machine tool and ensures high dynamics and ease of use. This makes the GPlus 450 ideally suited for a large variety of machining technologies, e.g. milling (form construction). Programming of technology-specific machining cycles is quick and easy; therefore, this control can be used for both single part and small batch productions.

The portable hand control unit features an ergonomic design with two Acknowledge buttons (safety enable). The machine axes can only be moved, if one Acknowledge button is activated. Two rotary selector switches are provided for axis selection and feed speed setting. Additionally, the hand control unit is equipped with an emergency stop button, an electronic hand-wheel and machine-dependent function keys to simplify machine set-up.

Standard Equipment

GPlus 450 control, 24-station tool changer with dual-arm, chain-type chip conveyor, electronic hand-wheel, servo drive for all axes, pneumatic tool clamping, air conditioning, work lamp, totally enclosed work space, RS-232 interface, USB interface, Automatic central lubrication, operating tools, operator manual
Optional Equipment
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